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Monday, February 08, 2010


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Great points Heather! It does come back to people wanting immediate gratification and tweeting on customer service does fulfill that need. I don't think it will be too far into the future before it is expected rather than a surprise for companies to embrace social media tools.

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Well said. Using Twitter, Facebook and Google Alerts as customer service tools is just a smart idea...like using the telephone was to call a customer. Searching hashtags and your company name on Twitter is part of the daily routine, right up there with checking email.

My alarm company has gone social big time and I can't believe the empassioned following they have. I don't even use the thing, but wow are they highly regarded...makes me not feel so bad paying them every month. The best part, the traditional touch points (toll-free #) generate the same "social" and responsive brand.

As companies embrace social media tools for customer service, it will tip and become an expected part of their offering. Much like a website is necessary for every company or service provider.

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